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Like your own personal traffic reporter

Ever wish you could know about all the traffic conditions on your exact route - before you got in the car? Better yet, if you could know when conditions change while you're en route? We've got you covered.

Instantly know what's going on on the roads

Beat the Traffic automatically aggregates traffic cameras, live speed data and incidents reports from dozens of sources to give you the most accurate traffic information available... in real time.

It's personalized to the routes you drive everyday

We help you plan ahead and prevent delays

We analyze thousands of road miles to save you time and let you know when the best time to leave is. Our predictions can even tell you how long it'll take you to get there.

Get notified of delays on your route

Beat the Traffic warns you when there is a delay on your route, with email or text alerts that you set up to your tastes.

Hit the road with Beat the Traffic Mobile Apps

et all the time-saving, traffic-beating power of our web app on your mobile phone with our FREE mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Tablet devices.

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